LiveSearch Changelog

current Version: 4.2 | Last updated: December 20th 2020

December 20th 2020

  • Some code updates to fulfil Envato' Code Standards (no CDN, JavaScript use strict, JQuery .on() allover)

January 30th 2019

  • improved/fixed: there were some issues with the included pagination when having more pages than 5 with the next page button
  • added: Bootstrap 4.x pagination

April 14th 2017

  • improved/fixed: there were no results when indexing/caching sites/projects with just one page (whereby I wouldn't suggest a search engine on a project where there's only one document to search for)
    now these special websites will be indexed correctly too

October 4th 2016

  • improved/fixed: highlighting in search results - highlight words in one step instead of highlighting for each word to avert possible highlighting of already highlighted parts (and destroying code)
  • improved: replaced some strtolower and stripos PHP functions with their multi byte versions mb_strtolower and mb_stripos for better handling special characters

August 6th 2016

  • upgraded: __construct() method instead of constructor named as the class (pre PHP 5.3) - will be depricated in future versions of PHP
  • fixed: a combination of $baseurl with directoy path and links in websites pointing to root directory (leading /) caused invalid urls to cache
  • added: XML Sitemap (even on external hosts)
  • added: host as information (reduced by leading www.) to each text(html,php,asp,text,...) indexed url to make it easier to distinguish baseurl and external urls
  • fixed: lost information if it's a PDF or not with second search using the cached search results (i.e. for displaying the icon next to to the result)
  • added: possibility to prevent from following parent directories inside baseurl when using a directory path, makes only sense ifyou really like to stay inside parent directory
  • improved: when linking to resources sending 302 or 301 as HeaderCode LiveSearch will follow these resources (i.e. redirects from http to https, old to new urls, ...) when using CURL as crawling method
  • improved: new documentation pages
  • small fix: when indexing external websites and there were absolute (beginning with /) URLs, LS was trying to follow them on Host of $baseurl - while it shouldn't follow any link on external websites

April 26th 2016

  • fixed (minor): removed php-short-opentag from example search page → $LiveSearch->printSrchCloud()
  • fixed (major): removed possibility to display HTML Tags (including <javascript />) when using the printSrchCloud() method
  • improved: removed possibility to search for HTML-Tags (content is already reduced by HTML Tags) - including another error message when reducing the text results low/zero string length
  • modification (minor): for error messages: added alert-danger next to alert-error to cover Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x when using drawSearchResults() method
  • improved: now only on page 1 the indexing process will be initiated, that will help when testing search functionalities (i.e. $cachetime set to -1)

May 21st 2015

  • improved: considering might enabled magic_quotes_gpc
  • improved: using own method for escaping double quotes instead of PHP's addslashes
  • improved: considering leading double slashes as a replacement for http://
  • fixed: LiveSearch was trying to follow unreachable "javascript:" links
  • added: added message to drawSearchresults when calling Search without search terms
  • fixed: removed PHP short tag in example search page
  • improved: great performance boost, which halves the speed of indexing/caching sites
    Example for a site with 1300 pages:
    LS 3.6~ 21:00 Minutes
    LS 3.65 (unreleased)~ 14:00 Minutes
    LS 3.7 url_fget with checking for 404~ 14:00 Minutes
    LS 3.7 url_fget without checking for 404~ 9:30 Minutes
    LS 3.7 curl~ 12:00 Minutes

Aug 27th 2014

  • improved: text segment of search results might doesn't contain any of the search string when searching for wordgroups when searching for wordgroup and complete wordgroup or first word wasn't found
  • fixed: line feeds within title tags weren't considered
  • improvement: just copy txt files without parsing them (great performance fix when handling bigger txt files)
  • improvement: removed question marks from urls to prevent double caching (time consuming)
  • added: possibility to save urls next to index files with the same title for debuggin reasons
  • fixed: if just images are part of the cached search results, they weren't displayed

Jun 5th 2014

Improved: highlighting of complete word combinations first even though finding single words of the search string before

May 22nd 2014

  • Improved: avoid following tel javascript and anchor links to prevent 404 errors
  • Added: Search logic for words - AND, OR or false - can be defined in the config
  • Fixed: sprintf troubles for image results headline (more than one image found)
  • Fixed: array_pop needs variable instead of returning array, added temporary array as variable to fulfill Strict Standards

Mar 1st 2014

  • Added fourth pagination style (real Bootstrap 3.1.1)
  • Possibility to activate UTF8 decoding during search if needed
  • Added $cachetime 0 to disable auto-caching
  • IMG retrieving improvement (not longer needed to use <img src=...>, variations working now too i.e.: <img class='...' src=...>)
  • Possibility to include external hosts-domains to the indexing process when linking to external single pages
  • Possibility to include external hosts-domains to the indexing process when embedding external images

Jul 9th 2013

  • Added third pagination style (real Bootstrap)
  • Possibility to define highlighting CSS class within the livesearch PHP class
  • Added a second highlight class to the css file
  • Possibility to define number of items in the search cloud
  • Possibility to define error messages for too short strings and no results
  • Pagination fix (images were count each as single search result, instead of all of them cobined to one)
  • URL retrieving improvement (not longer needed to use <a href=...>, variations working now too i.e.: <a class='...' href=...>
  • PDF-files with spaces will be cached now too, but please don't use spaces or special characters for your web projects
  • Diffferent error outputs for no results and too short query strings
  • Some smaler fixes and improvements

Jul 10th 2012

just a small bugfix (allow_url_fopen and curl pre-checks)

Jun 29th 2012

  • Added possibility to search content within linked PDF files (Linux and pdftotext required)
  • Added possibility to use 2 different pagination styles
  • Offering the possibility to use Curl OR url_fopen (auto-mode included)
  • One greater bugfix on the image search
  • Some smaler fixes and improvements

Sep 11th 2011

Added PNG and GIF support for the thumbnail generator

Aug 30th 2011

  • <script> blocks are excluded now
  • Added possibility to search for META-description and META-keywords
  • Added possibility to search for images by filename, alt-tag or title-tag
  • Imagesearch can be turned on/off
  • Thumbnails of found images will be displayed and can be generated on the fly with the help of the GD-Library
  • can be turned on (GD-thumbs)/off (CSS-thumbs)
  • Images can be hidden by using the LSHIDE image class
  • Added performance fix for larger websites running into a timout or memory exhaustion

Jun 7th 2010

  • added some setup error-handlers
  • Possibility to exclude complete blocks from indexing. i.e. your menues, ...
  • Added prior PHP 5.1.2 fix for parse_url()

Feb 21st 2010

added essential quoting of possible slashes in searchstings

Feb 14th 2010

  • Double quote and escaped characters fixing for the collected Searchwords (Cloud)
  • Possibility to exclude files and directories under the basedir
  • Possibility to include unlinked files and directories under the basedir
  • Some major bugfixes to prevent from endless loops and to make caching faster

Feb 13th 2010

  • Some fixes
  • Possibility add GET-Variables for pagination \$add2query
  • Possibility add GET-Variables for drawing searchresults \$add2query
  • Possibility add GET-Variables for the SearchCloud \$add2query

Feb 12th 2010

initial release